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Through years of testing, Cat Spring Candles, LLC has developed a line of excellent candles that have a long burn time and hold their fragrance until the very end. Only the highest quality of ingredients are used, and our hand-poured process assures our buyers that every candle has the right blend of fragrance oils, dyes and wax. It is this unique blend of colors and scents that make our candles so appealing!

Only lead free, cotton wicks are used to reduce smoke and soot, and to allow for a cleaner burn. A special blend of paraffin and soy promote a very creamy appearance and even burn. We know that not all oils are the same, and we use only the best. There are no additives in our candles.

We pride ourselves on the quality of our candles and believe you will agree that they are among the best anywhere! We also strive to keep them reasonably priced. Thank you to our many customers who repeatedly buy our candles, and we hope that if you are new to our website, you will try them.

Maintaining the highest quality of ingredients and pouring standards is our commitment to you.


Debbie Mackey

"I searched for 5 years after moving to Texas to find candles as excellent as the ones I bought for years in Arizona. Cat Spring Candles are the ones!" - Celeste S.

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